Kindness Story – The Kindest Potatoes

This K.B. story comes from Kylee-Anne:

PotatoKindnessI could never possibly tell of all the kindness K.B. showed to me and my family: every moment we spent with her was a moment spent in her kindness—and many moments not in her presence, too! She was that good at not just showing her love for you, but in living it. But I do have one particular moment of K.B. kindness to share. It involves potatoes.

K.B. was a foodie—a connoisseur, a gourmet cook, and a classic baker. Now, my family loves food too, but we’re a bit low-class about it. While her favourite dishes were things like something like grilled Portobello mushrooms, my absolute favourite dish is mashed potatoes. I could eat potatoes all day and everyday. In October of my first year of my PhD program, knowing my love of mashed potatoes, and knowing that I was having a hard time adjusting to being back in academic life and in a province far away from my home and family, K. B. made me the most delicious, fanciest mashed potato recipe she could—Duchess potatoes, with the creamy, buttery mashed potatoes piped into beautiful flowers and rebaked—froze them, and then express post shipped them across two provinces so they would get to my lonely, basement-suite place in time for my birthday. They were still cold when I got them! They were in perfect shape and rebaked so lovely. Not many people would think to mail mashed potatoes, but that’s the kind of person K.B. was: willing to do something silly just to do a kindness for a friend.


  1. Wow. I don’t know anyone else who would even have thought of doing such a thing. Or if they’d thought of it would have actually carried through.

  2. When they say food is love, this is a perfect example! I’m glad you had K.B. in your life.

    p.s. I once tried mailing a dozen Cadbury eggs to my then boyfriend when he was in college. They didn’t make it intact. In fact, it was like a chicken coop had vomited up in a UPS box.

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