Today’s story is from Danielle Murray.¬†

Sometimes when a person dies, those closest to them know not of the kindnesses that their loved one has done for others or how much he or she meant to them. Because that person doesn’t talk about the good things they do, they just do them.

Like Kerri. I just read that she sent Cathie homemade fudge across the country.

And in between my tears, I had to smile because when I first arrived in NZ, Kerri also sent me a very special gift. I was so very very homesick for such a long time and not only did I miss my old life in Canada and the people in it, I missed a whole bunch of my favourite foods – foods not available in NZ. Like microwaved popcorn. Which I loved loved loved and used to have (no kidding) three times/bags a day!

So what does Kerri do when I tell her – she sends me a care package full of Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn! It is an act of kindness I will never forget. And one I am sure her family know nothing about.

Perhaps we can let them know how special she was to us by sharing our Kerri/KB stories.

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  1. A beautiful story, Danielle…thank you for writing it. I like being reminded of Kerri, as I am when I see posts on Facebook and such. I hadn’t had any real contact with her since the HHS reunion, but so enjoyed touching base with her via Facebook and hearing her funny stories. Her zest for life was infectious and that is what I think of when I see these posts…and then I feel a little burst of that zest in myself. :)

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