Be Kind to Yourself

bekindtoyouThis week was a reminder that I need to be kind to myself.  We all do in fact.  It’s easy to forget about ourselves when we are focused on the day to day things but being kind to ourselves very important.  Sometimes we focus on the negative things and we criticize ourselves far too much or we don’t eat right or we don’t get enough rest.  In the grand scheme of things it’s important that we show ourselves a kindness by taking care ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally because we have people who care about us and love us and those people want to see us healthy and happy.

Giving to others is good for your soul and we should all try to give of ourselves but don’t forget that you have needs too.  Eat right, get enough rest and exercise every day so that you can recharge.  Even though it feels to good to spread kindness sometimes we have to be willing to accept it from others and from ourselves.

Don’t forget that you are important too so take time to be kind to yourself.

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