Bulletproof Soup

soupKB and I had only been on a couple of dates… maybe 3 or 4 when I came down with a cold.  I was at home wrapped up in a blanket on the couch and feeling pretty awful.  My plan was to ease the suffering by watching some martial arts movies and sleeping as much as possible.  My phone rang and it was KB.  She was wondering if I was free to get together and do something.  I told her that I would love to but I was just too sick.  She offered to come over and keep me company which would have been nice but I really don’t like to make other people sick if I can help it.  We chatted for a while and I felt a bit better just having had the chance to talk to her.

After hanging up I started to think that it might have been nice if she had come over even though I probably looked terrible and when you’re that early on in a relationship the last thing you want is for the other person to see you looking your worst.  But I really didn’t want to make her sick too so I tried to convince myself that it was best if I just shut myself in and did my best to get well.

It might have been an hour after KB and I had our phone conversation when the doorbell rang.  I considered not answering but I’ve never really been able to do that.  If there is someone at the door I need to find out who it is.  I’m not a big fan of unanswered questions.  I’m glad that I did answer.

KB decided to make me some homemade soup and bring it over and see if there was anything she could do to help me feel better.  Well, seeing her standing there with that trademark huge smile and homemade soup made me feel a lot better!  It’s funny how sometimes when you’re feeling rotten physically, just knowing that someone cares is enough to make you feel much better.

Of course, I invited her in… well I think that might not be exactly true I think what really happened was that KB said, “I have homemade soup and I’m here to take care of you.”  I think I protested just a little telling her that I really didn’t want to make her sick but it must have been obvious that I was very happy to see her and she just said, “I’m not worried about it.”

We went into the living room and I ate some soup… I’m not a big fan of soup but it wasbulletproof_monk delicious. We curled up on the couch together and KB said that I should carry on doing whatever I was doing before she got there.  I had just started watching “Bulletproof Monk” so I started it from the beginning and was thankful that I hadn’t been watching “Enter the Dragon” or some other martial arts movie that’s not really appealing to girlfriends.  KB said she enjoyed the movie and she did watch several other martial arts movies with me after that.  Guys, if a girl is willing to do that for you she’s a keeper, but be warned, you must be prepared to watch old musicals for her.

I wouldn’t say that my cold was cured but I certainly felt much better knowing that someone cared that much about me and I would have to say that this was the day when I knew KB was going to have a major impact on my life.  Up until this point we had not decided that we were officially “a couple” but after that day there was no doubt in my mind that this was the right girl for me.  Not only was she beautiful physically but she was a beautiful person and I really had no choice but to fall in love with her (and I did so gladly).

I’m not sure that the point of the story is entire clear but I think there are two important things to note:

  1. KB was a sweet, kind and caring person… but I think you all know that by now if you’ve read any of the other stories about her.
  2. Showing someone that you care about them can make a big difference and we shouldn’t be afraid to show that we care about someone because that moment of caring could be life changing.

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