An Apple a Day

K.B. offering her dog a lick of her ice-cream cone |kindnessbykb.orgIs there anything sweeter than someone who shares something desirable with you? Something they enjoy but are willing to offer to you?

Not only are they being generous, but they are giving up something that they themselves would treasure.

I saw this on Pinterest the other day.


What is love? Sharing | Kindness by K.B.

What is love?

It reminded me of a story told by my aunt Winkie (whom I’ve written about before). Winkie was about 14 years younger than my father. When she was a young schoolgirl, he used save her an apple from his packed lunch. At the end of each day, she would meet him as he walked home, and he would hand her the apple.

Winkie grew to be one of those people who, like K.B., had kindness and generosity ingrained in her. That spirit comes from somewhere, from someone. Our mission is to nurture it in ourselves and others.

Do you have any stories of generosity? Please share them with us!

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