Gotta laugh or you’ll cry.

K.B.'s delight in a perfect gift.I’m pretty sure that no one who heard K.B. laugh — really  laugh — could ever forget it. It would start out as a normal laugh and then devolve into a high-pitched, intermittent SQUEE! SQUEE! SQUEE I remember being in our high school auditorium when she got the giggles and started squeaking. Someone on the other side of the room called out, “Hey, K.B.!”

The great thing about that laugh is that it was so easy to trigger. K.B. had a knack for “finding the funny” in almost any situation, from a blender falling on her head to her pantyhose dropping to her ankles. Most of you won’t know about the wardrobe mishap.

Or, at least, not this particular wardrobe malfunction.

She had applied for a job at Sears and was walking into the store for her interview when the band at the top of her pantyhose just gave up the ghost. (In the olden days, pantyhose had a band at the top.) The nylons just slid down her bottom and puddled around her ankles.

With complete aplomb, she walked waddled like a penguin to the nearest female salesperson and requested her to bring a pair of pantyhose to the ladies’ room; she (K.B.) would come to the cash and pay for them as soon as possible.

Oh, how I wish I had a picture.

When she told me the story, she broke out in her squee. She has told many such stories over the years — always with a light heart.

arm through elbowI was reminded of K.B’s laughter at the ridiculous when I stumbled across this article today: Why I don’t do “What I Wore Sundays”. (I didn’t know “What I Wore Sundays” was a thing. Seems kind of unvirtuous, doesn’t it?) In it, Simcha Fischer shares her story of a Sunday-morning wardrobe malfunction of her own. As I read the story, I thought: I could totally see that happening to Bronwyn.

I was about to post the link on Bronwyn’s Facebook wall, when I thought: Or to K.B.

Birds of a feather, those two.

The fact is, I think this kind of thing happens to all of us. Things go sideways and we have a choice: get upset, or just take it in stride and laugh it off. K.B. almost always chose laughter. And I think she was drawn to people who shared that approach to life. (I, as a matter of fact, have shared my own story of pantyhose wardrobe malfunction on my own blog.)

So try that next time your plans get screwed up: take a mental step back and find the funny in it. You don’t have to squee, but we’ll understand if you do. And pay attention to who can laugh along with you; those are the people to keep in your life.

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