Unexpected Responses to Kindness

Kindness1As many of you know, K.B.’s friend Crista had a great idea that inspired this web site and the Kindness by K.B. facebook page.  Crista’s idea was to employ ripple kindness cards from the Ripple Kindness Project in Australia.  By the way, if you live in Canada and you place an order for Ripple Kindness cards you will quite likely receive the cards created in memory of K.B. (while supplies last).  I have struggled with trying to find some kind of kindness campaign that would let me use these cards but I have found myself just doing small random things and keeping a small supply of cards with me at all times I’m always ready to create a ripple.

What has surprised me is the reaction I have gotten.  Some people were initially confused for a moment and it’s clear that random acts of kindness are much like a purple cow to them.  For those that weren’t immediately confused I expected that there might be a feeling of gratitude for the kindness they received and that was certainly there but that was overshadowed by the opportunity to pay it forward.

I think that we all have a natural desire to do the right thing and to be kind to others.  Based on the comments, some people were excited about receiving the Ripple Kindness card because it gave them permission to do something kind without it seeming like an odd thing.  I think that’s an interesting commentary on our society when people feel uncomfortable doing something kind for no other reason than it’s a nice thing to do.

I didn’t expect that giving people permission to be kind would be a kindness in itself but it appears that it is.

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