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Our engagement photo

Well this is my first post to Kindness by KB. I want to just talk about why I started this site. Although it’s probably explained briefly here, I felt like I should give a bit more detail.

After KB passed away, I was flooded on Facebook with messages from friends and family and people who I had never met but these people knew KB.  A common theme was that people would comment about how kind KB was.  I knew this very well.

Being her husband I had the pleasure of living with and loving the kindest person I know, but I had no idea how much kindness KB had spread throughout the world in her short life. It was really humbling to see that many people who had been touched in a kind way by one person and it made me reflect on what my own priorities are and made me wonder if I’m on the right path with how I live my life.

It also made me sad that KB was gone and the world had lost such an amazing person, I grieve not only for me but for all of us and all of the people who had never known KB and would never have the joy of feeling the gift of her kindness.

If she had a super power I would say it was her love for life.

I know, it seems like I’m making KB out to be some sort of saint but that’s certainly not the case. She had her bad days like the rest of us. She got angry, frustrated, depressed, sad… she was just a normal person with one exception: she had an intense love for life.  If she had a super power I would say it was her love for life.  I knew no other person who was so aware of the beauty all around and took it all in as often as she could.  I think it was this ability to literally stop and smell the roses that gave her a passion for life and passion for being kind to people. I think of it as a quiet, gentle kindness. It’s not so much that the act of kindness itself was impressive it was the fact that you knew without a doubt that the kindness truly came from her heart.

After a couple of weeks it was normal for me to get messages from complete strangers and ask them how they knew KB. I started to get responses like, “Oh, I didn’t know her at all but a friend knew her and I read some of the stories and was inspired.”  Wow!  That hit home for me and really made me smile.

Even though KB was no longer with us, the stories that people were sharing about her were inspiring complete strangers.

Part of KB had lived on and that made me very happy.  So this site and the spirit of “Kindness by KB” is all about sharing that quiet, gentle kindness with the hope that it will inspire more people to spread that kindness in their lives.

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