Little things mean a lot.

Have you ever received a grandiose gift from someone and thought: This is more about the giver than it is about me?

This plate was a gift from K.B. (It came with some of her delicious baked goods, of course.)

This plate was a gift from K.B. (It came with some of her delicious baked goods, of course.)

That is the opposite of the kind of generosity and kindness that K.B. espoused. Sometimes her gifts did involve spending money (like the beautiful yarn she bought for Bronwyn or the bone china plate she gave me), but even then, they were gifts that showed she was thinking about YOU, even when you were apart.

One of the most memorable gifts she gave me, which I mention often when I’m talking about generosity and thoughtfulness, was a styrofoam cup filled with potting soil and sprouting a dozen or so blades of grass.


The gift was: spring. It was hope.

She had taken the time, days, maybe even weeks earlier, in the grungy darkness of a long Ontario winter, to gather these few materials and plant some grass seeds. She must have thought of me every time she watered those seeds.

And she did it just for me. It was not a mass planting that she spread around the school. It was just for me.

I could not have been more blessed if it had been a bouquet of rare flowers.

As you’re thinking of how to pass on the legacy of K.B., think small. Think of things that take a little more time than money.


  1. I’m really loving these stories. Keep ‘em coming! I also loved the story about the men who cleared away ice in front of the store to save people from falling. Warms my cold, black heart!

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