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My name is Chris.  K.B. and I fell in love and we were married on May 25, 2013.  This was probably the happiest day of our lives.  But this page isn’t about us falling in love, it’s about the woman that I love.

The kindness that K.B. showed to others was amazing and inspiring.

It wasn’t just that she did kind things for people — she actually lived each moment giving.  Sometimes it was just thinking about someone who might have been having a rough time and she would give them a call or send an email or, more likely, a hand written note.  Sometimes she would decide that our neighbours need fresh-baked bread and she would head off to the kitchen and emerge later with several loaves for me to deliver. Sometimes she would brave crossing a busy street to help someone push their car out of a snowbank … I couldn’t possibly list everything she did for people.

When K.B. passed away on January 9, 2014, it left a huge hole in my life and I don’t believe that hole will ever be filled.  I felt sad for a number of reasons but one reason was that we had all lost someone who had a kindness that touched people and inspired us all to be good to one another.  K.B. was the kind of person that was destined to change the world quietly and slowly but there was no doubt that she would change the world and in fact she did.  When I look at all of the lives she touched and I hear all of the memories people have shared about her enduring kindness I know that she did change the world.

There are many other people out there who are changing the world as well. I wanted to have a place where people could read about K.B. and maybe be inspired to something to spread kindness and celebrate her life in that way.  At the same time I wanted to celebrate all of the other people who share that same desire for giving and kindness.

So, this site isn’t necessarily about only the kind acts of K.B., but it’s about the kind of quiet, gentle kindness that doesn’t shatter mountains but it will soften even the hardest heart.

Here’s what we would like you to do, as you are inspired by K.B.’s legacy:

  • Be aware of acts of kindness in your own life and elsewhere
  • Perform acts of kindness (random or otherwise)
  • Share those stories with us

If you have a story to share of a kindness you’ve given or if someone has done something kind for you, feel free to:

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