Pay it Forward

Card showing K.B. with her arms spread wide in joy, with the tag line "Kindness by K.B., inspired by K.B., because every act of kindness counts, no matter how small.

Kindness by K.B. “card”

Inspired by K.B.’s life of generosity and kindness, we encourage you to:

  • Be aware of acts of kindness in your own life and elsewhere
  • Perform acts of kindness (random or otherwise)
  • Share those stories with us either here or on our Facebook page.

To encourage you, and to inspire others, we’ve created a “business card” template for you to use. Print off a few and have them handy to give out whenever you perform an act of kindness in memory of K.B., or when someone else treats you with kindness and reminds you of her.

Kindness by K.B. cards, Word format

Kindness by K.B. cards, PDF format


Words of Encouragement

Mother Teresa had these words to say. (Feel free to download, share, or print this image.)

Mother Teresa quote_printable

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