This site was created by K.B.’s husband, Chris. You can read Chris’ story and reason for creating this site here.

The other two contributors are Bronwyn and Wynn Anne. K.B. introduced the two to each other – initially at her wedding to Chris, but then through e-mails and shared interests in creative writing. Bronwyn and Wynn Anne have found great comfort in their friendship as they have weathered the loss of K.B.

Read Chris’s eulogy here.

Read Bronwyn’s farewell to K.B.

Read Wynn Anne’s farewell to K.B.



Chris married K.B. on May 25, 2013 and was blessed with seven-and-a-half short months of impassioned, joyful matrimony.

For those who don’t know him, he lives in Canada with two of four children (two are out on their own already).  He is part owner of the Progressive Wushu Centre in Regina and loves studying Chinese martial arts. He works as an Information Technology Security Consultant (it’s much more glamorous than it sounds :-D ).  He also spends time writing (visit his blog, The Great Escape) and, every once in a while, he likes to get out on a trail in the woods and disappear for a few days just to unplug and get grounded.

In 2011, Chris placed in the North American (beginner) standings of the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship: Ranked #1 in Xingyi, #3 in Taiji and #3 in Taiji Jian.



Bronwyn is a former neighbour of K.B.’s in Regina.

According to the profile on her blog, I, MayB, she is a woman, wife, dog mom, crisis worker, and friend.  Though she is much more comfortable in her own skin now that she’s past 30 (and closing in quickly on 40!) she is still figuring out who she wants to be when she grows up.

Mostly, she does dumb things and then tells us about them. [Yes, she really does. ~ Ed.] Her life is an open book (much to the chagrin of her husband!) She is who she is and is not shy to share it with anyone who asks and most people who don’t.

She’s married to a wonderful [and incredibly patient ~ Ed.] man she calls “The Guy” in the online world for his own protection. It’s a bit like changing the names of the innocent.  They live with their dog, Monty (Montel, aka Monsieur Montel Poofypants.)

She works as a crisis worker. In her down time, she is an avid knitter, a beginner crocheter, an obsessive reader, and a writer.

Wynn Anne

Wynn Anne

Wynn Anne, met K.B. in high school, where they quickly became best friends and were often described as “joined at the hip.”

According to the profile on Wynn Anne’s blog, Wynn Anne’s Meanderings, she grew up in Ontario, Canada, married a military man, and moved around a lot with him.

Along the way, she had four children, and continued to nurture her interest in all things creative, the latest of which is photography, but she’s also done watercolour, needlepoint, stained glass, and beading. Her interest in writing has survived the entire wild ride and recently includes a foray into fiction.

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